To obtain a higher level of customization for your CVSTrac installation, you might want to tweak some hidden settings. This page attempts to document those settings. In order to change them you will need to modify the config table in SQLite3 database for your repository using the sqlite3 command line utility.

  sqlite3 /var/cvstrac/test.db

where /var/cvstrac/test.db is replaced with the path to the CVSTrac database file. Once you have successfully started up the SQLite3 command line utility, you can view all your settings with the following SQL select statement:

  SELECT * FROM config;

which should display something like the following:


Existing values can be changed using a SQL UPDATE command and new values inserted using INSERT.

This does not display all the configurable values, however. It only shows those which have been changed and persisted back to the config table. Since hidden configuration options are hidden, it's unlikely they'd be mentioned in this table. A more complete list can be found by grepping for db_config() calls in the CVSTrac source code.

Checkin History Grouping Window

checkin_time_window Default: 30

When reading the check-in history of a repository, CVSTrac tries to group CVS check-ins together, even though CVS does not support atomic commits (check-ins). It does this by grouping together all commits by the same user that happened within a certain window. The default window is 30 seconds. Increasing this value to say, 300 would group together all commits by the same user within a 5 minute interval under the same check-in number.

Changing this number should only be necessary if, for some reason, you have processes which introduce delays long enough to cause check-in batching to start failing (i.e. I use some hackish library version auto-increment scripts which frequently encounter CVS lock delays).


constant_expires Default: 604800

Controls the output of the HTTP Expires header, used for "constant" content such as attachments (which can't be changed outside of direct meddling) and other such things.