Upgrading CVSTrac

As a general rule, upgrading a version of CVSTrac is a simple matter of installing the new binary. Any changes to the underlying database schema will take effect when the database is next touched by the application.

When upgrading CVSTrac, it's strongly recommended that you back up the database. Copying it is usually quite adequate.


Changes to the default wiki documentation are not automatically updated. This can be done manually by invoking:

  cvstrac wikiinit <directory> <project>

After a wiki update, you may need to examine the default set of wiki pages since any local versions will be replaced by the new ones. You may, of course, diff the revisions and delete anything you don't like.

1.1.5 to 1.2+

Due to some changes in the schema, a fairly intensive query is run during this upgrade which may take several minutes. If done during a browser query, the browser may timeout. It's not a bad idea to force the change from the command-line using:

  cvstrac update <directory> <project>


As of [661], CVSTrac is being run against SQLite version 3 rather than 2. SQLite 3 will not directly handle SQLite 2 database files. In order to upgrade the database to SQLite 3, ensure that the command-line tools sqlite and sqlite3 are both available. You will (or may; see #803) also need to build a utility program named "attachdump" using the attachdump.c program which is contained in the CVSTrac source tree. Once you have these programs in place, run:

  mv <project>.db <project>_2.db
  sqlite <project>_2.db .dump | sqlite3 <project>.db
  attachdump <project>_2.db | sqlite3 <project>.db

Note that the newly upgraded database will not work with older CVSTrac binaries.

The attachdump program is necessary in order to accomodate a change in the attachment format.