There are three main aspects to migrating projects to CVSTrac:

Migrating CVS

If you don't currently use CVS, then take a look at for information about importing sources into CVS.

If you do use CVS, but keep several projects in the same CVS repository, then you will need to change this to use CVSTrac. See MultipleCvsRepositories for details.

Migrating Bugs

The bugs database is an sqlite database. Create a new database and add some tickets, then use sqlite to view the contents of the database to get a feel for how tickets are stored.

The "ticket" table seems to be the main one to add to.

I (sarahg) wrote a program to import my bugzilla database into CVSTrac. It is a little bit special-purpose, but if you think it might help you, it is available under the GPL at

Migrating Docs

TODO: Add information about importing stuff to a wiki