Many people are used to hosting multiple projects in a single CVS repository. CVSTrac is not designed to deal with that situation, and if you try it will only ever "kind of" work. CVSTrac was designed to use a separate CVS repository for each project, because CVS uses a single CVSROOT/passwd file that is shared by all the projects, and CVSTrac uses that file.

As the CVS documentation explains under the heading of "Multiple Repositories", there are a few advantages to using a separate repository for each project. For instance, it allows each project to have a different group of developers working on it, and it allows you to move projects individually to other servers should the need arise.

See CvsNewMultipleRepositories for a summary of how to set up the separate CVS repositories.

If you already have multiple projects in your CVS repository, you will need to split it into multiple separate repositories. How to do this is explained at CvsRepositorySplitting.

Note: You can also use the patch from #38 (it will filter history messages). Works for me, so far. CVS view is also fixed. It will require re-importing of messages I think, so be careful. Later... The functionality of ticket #38 has now been added to the core. It will be a part of the 1.1.2 release.