CVSTrac's CVS repository now has support (via ScmTrac) for using Subversion as a SCM repository backend. #278 and #445 contain most of the details and discussion. Most of the code was written by Nemanja Corlija with infrastructure support by cpb.

It seems stable, functional and mostly feature complete. In terms of performance, it's still quite a bit slower than CVS. There's also some issues with how the results of "svn copy" are handled. If you're going to evaluate Subversion support, please track CVS HEAD and plan on doing a repository rescan (or even reconstruction) at some point in the near future.

In spite of these warnings, there are people actually using SvnTrac without apparent problems.

Installation and configuration works about the same as with CVS.


  make APPNAME=svntrac all


  svntrac init /path/to/repository <project>

  svntrac server 8008 /path/to/repository <project>