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The term "WikiWiki_" ("wiki wiki" means "quick" in the Hawaiian language and is pronounced "wickee wickee") can be used to identify either a type of hypertext document or the software used to write it. Often called "wiki" for short, the collaborative software application enables web documents to be authored collectively using a simple markup scheme and without the content being reviewed prior to its acceptance. The resulting collaborative hypertext document, also called either "wiki" or "WikiWikiWeb_," is typically produced by a community of users.

The original WikiWikiWeb_ was established in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, who invented and named the Wiki concept and produced the first implementation of a WikiWiki_ server. This server is still online at Ward has written a book on the concept of wiki: The_Wiki_Way:_Quick_collaboration_on_the_Web, Addison-Wesley Publishers, ISBN-020171499X. Some people maintain that only Ward's wiki should be called "Wiki" (upper case) or the "WikiWikiWeb_".