Choose a report format from the following list:

  1. Active tickets    [sql]
  2. Active tickets by change date    (by anonymous) [sql]
  3. Active tickets by priority    (by anonymous) [sql]
  4. Active tickets grouped and ordered    (by anonymous) [sql]
  5. Active tickets of mine by priority    (by ono) [sql]
  6. All Tickets by Status    (by anonymous) [sql]
  7. All Tickets including closed    (by anonymous) [sql]
  8. All active tickets    [sql]
  9. All active tickets w/descriptions    [sql]
  10. All tickets of mine by priority    (by ono) [sql]
  11. All unclosed tickets    [sql]
  12. Branches    (by anonymous) [sql]
  13. Changed tickets couple days ago    (by anonymous) [sql]
  14. Check-ins by a any user within the past 60 days    (by anonymous) [sql]
  15. Check-ins by a single user    (by chorlya) [sql]
  16. Check-ins by a single user within the past 30 days    [sql]
  17. Check-ins since...    (by cpb) [sql]
  18. Copy Of Active tickets    (by anonymous) [sql]
  19. Copy Of Check-ins by a single user within the past 30 days    (by anonymous) [sql]
  20. Database Tables    (by anonymous) [sql]
  21. Date of last change for all wiki pages    [sql]
  22. Derived Tickets    (by anonymous) [sql]
  23. GitTrac tickets    (by ono) [sql]
  24. Milestones    (by cpb) [sql]
  25. Milestones    (by cpb) [sql]
  26. Open Tickets with Attachments    (by cpb) [sql]
  27. Priority ONE tickets    (by anonymous) [sql]
  28. Recently changed and active tickets    [sql]
  29. Recently changed and active tickets sorted by priority    [sql]
  30. Recently changed and active tickets w/descriptions    [sql]
  31. Recently closed tickets    (by anonymous) [sql]
  32. Report SQL Examples    (by anonymous) [sql]
  33. Showstoppers    (by anonymous) [sql]
  34. Summary    (by anonymous) [sql]
  35. Teste do Carmo    (by anonymous) [sql]
  36. Ticket History    (by anonymous) [sql]
  37. Ticket counts by status    [sql]
  38. Tickets I need to work on    (by chorlya) [sql]
  39. Tickets associated with a particular user    [sql]
  40. Unfixed Code Defects    [sql]
  41. Unimplemented Enhancement Requests    [sql]
  42. Users    (by anonymous) [sql]
  43. Version of the SQLite Database Engine in use.    (by drh) [sql]
  44. Wiki Search    (by cpb) [sql]
  45. all closed tickets    (by anonymous) [sql]
  46. jan's Search for a ticket number    (by anonymous) [sql]
  47. show table content    (by anonymous) [sql]