CVSTrac Login

If you're anonymous, you might want to read something else.

If you have a CVSTrac account, you can login by clicking the "Not logged in" message found just below the page title. Login buttons are also avilable in other places and you'll probably be prompted to login if you try something which needs extra permissions.


In order to login, browser cookies must be enabled. CVSTrac only uses session cookies, so you'll need to login each new browser session. Additionally, CVSTrac tracks your IP address. User behind proxies using variable addresses will have serious difficulty using CVSTrac sites.


You can change your password by following an "Logout" link or clicking on the "Logged in" text. You may also log out that way.

User Pages

Recent versions of CVSTrac have introduced user home pages. Basically, each user can have a personal wiki page. Once a user creates such a page, his or her name will become a hotlink back to the page in various places such as the timeline. This page can be used as a personal scratchpad or can include embedded reports relevant to the user.

Once the user is logged in, they're user name in the upper left corner becomes a link to their page.