CVSTrac Milestones

A milestone is an object which pins an event to a specific name and date. This would include things like releases, branch points, builds, project milestones, etc.

Milestone Features


A milestone may also be associated with tickets by referencing the ticket number in the comment. Some milestones will also be associated with a directory, such as those created by CVS repository activity.

Creating A Milestone

There are two ways to create a milestone. Once created, milestones can't currently be deleted.

Manual Method

By clicking on the Milestone link, one can manually create a milestone and populate each field directly.

Repository Method

You can create an Event milestone using the cvs rtag command. The name of the tag becomes the milestone comment. For example:

  cvs rtag build_5918 cvstrac

will create an Event milestone for the cvstrac directory with "build_5918" as the milestone comment.

Using Milestones

Milestones are mostly useful as markers in various pages, such as the timeline.