How To Compile CVSTrac

Here are the steps for compiling CVSTrac on Unix:

  1. You will need the SQLite library version 3.3.2 or later. If you do not already have this library installed, obtain a copy from Note that version 1.2.x of CVSTrac used SQLite 2.8.x. But version 2.x.x of CVSTrac uses SQLite version 3.x.

  2. Choose a directory to compile in. The directory in which you compile does not need to be the same as the source directory. By default, the compilation directory should be a sibling of the source directory but this is not required.

  3. Make a copy of into the compilation directory and rename it 'Makefile'.

  4. Edit the file you just copied to adjust the parameters to your system.

  5. Type "make" to build the CVSTrac executable. To build SvnTrac, "make APPNAME=svntrac". To build GitTrac, "make APPNAME=gittrac".

  6. Copy this executable to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin or wherever you want to install it.

For additional on how CVSTrac is put together (information you may want to know if you would like to try to make improvements to CVSTrac) see CvstracArchitecture. For notes on compiling CVSTrac for windows, see CvstracOnWindows.


CVSTrac needs the following tools installed:

For SvnTrac or GitTrac, you'll need the appropriate base SCM packages.